Our Roots


Our agriculture story started over a century ago, in Honey Grove, Texas with Norman Jefferson Moore, Sr. He and his bride, Lillie Mae, set out with a few children in tow, towards an idea of making a life farming in the fertile fields of the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. They made their first home in a tent, south of Mercedes on Rio Rico Road. With a mule, a plow, and a whole lot of grit, they began what would be a way of life for generations to come. Primarily cotton farmers at the time, NJ said of Lillie, ”You’d have to pick like the devil in order to pick more than Lillie.” She could pick 300-350 pounds of cotton a day! 




Now, the cotton is picked with high tech machinery and our crops have diversified over the decades, but our “whole lot of grit” remains. Here we are, some one hundred years later, headquartered on Rio Rico Road, about a mile down the way from that first homestead, and currently, proudly raising a 6th generation of American family farmers.